Rooted in heirloom fruit trees
Rooted in heirloom fruit trees

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Trees of Antiquity

We’re excited to share our bounty of bare root fruit trees which are a reflection of our labors throughout the last two seasons. As always, our nursery is centered on the rich history and future discoveries of our heirloom fruit trees. ​

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Heirloom Fruit Tree Journal

thoughts and advice on finding success on your small farm and garden

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Pie for Breakfast

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An Extraordinary Heirloom Gift

Heartfelt thanks to our friends and fellow heirloom fruit enthusiasts Timothy and Sherryl Philen. Tim and Sherryl began growing fruit trees in 2000...

It’s an apple! It’s a pear! No, it’s a quince! Quince?

While quince fruit may seem somewhat uncommon today, that wasn’t always the case. It was so ubiquitous, in fact, that it is believed the fruit eate...

The Art of Hoshigaki

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In Praise of Jujubes

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What's the Buzz About Bees?

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Cider Revival

Cider    The resurgence of cider is worth a celebration! Cider or cider-like beverages and cider making traditions have a long history around the g...

Fruit Terroir

Terroir What makes my fruit so flavorful? Why does my apple tree grown here in California produce apples that taste so much different than when I t...

A seed was planted

Our commitment to growing certified organic fruit trees began as a small seed planted in the soul of a young boy gardening with his mom  in their small backyard. Years later, this childhood reflection inspired Trees of Antiquity, a small heirloom fruit tree nursery. 

Our Story

A warm summer evening in our fruit tree nursery

We'll strive to offer informative sights and sounds from around the farm in the next few months

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Sampling of our customers reviews over the years.

I used Trees of Antiquity to start my orchard. I ordered apples, pears, plums, almonds, walnuts, raspberries, everything! While I was nervous when they arrived looking like sad sticks, every single plant I received survived and have been exceeding my expectations. On the first year I had little apples and walnuts on my trees, as well as plenty of raspberries. I will not be ordering from any other company from now on. 5 stars

Courtesy Google Review

Alex Bennett

We have purchased a variety of trees from TOA. Our experience has been consistently positive since we discovered this company three years ago. Specifically:
1) Neil has been extremely helpful in answering our questions and working with our concerns.
2) He has also been amazingly prompt in his response to our emails.
3) We feel we have been treated fairly in business transactions.
We appreciate this company's customer service!

Courtesy Dave's Garden

Deejoa Linden, TN

I ordered 11 trees and all trees arrived in a perfect condition! After 2 weeks my trees already have a leaves! Trees of Antiquity provide amazing service and answered all question less then a 15 minutes! This is a defiantly the best company that I ever work with! Thank you very much!

Courtesy Facebook


I am absolutely thrilled with the outstanding condition and size of the 4 trees (3 apples and a nectarine) that I just received. I seriously had tears of joy. I only now wish I would've ordered 5 more! Last year I purchased several heirloom apple trees from another nursery. I waited anxiously until the thaw for my order to arrive. When my order was ready- I paid over $250 for 8 trees, only 2 of which were part of my order. They were 12" tall, though they said they'd be 4-5 feet. They were the crummiest, tiniest, shouldn't even qualify as whip status things I've ever seen. This is what I feared mail order tree nurseries would all be like for things other than commercial trees. Boy was I wrong. I just cannot get over how robust my trees are, and so healthy. Be proud of what you do- this is how smallholder's dreams come true:)

Courtesy Dave's  Garden

Hiraeth, Wellston, MI

I received my first order and was very impressed by the quality of the trees, shipping material and communication. The roots were in great shape. The packaging was minimal but effective in keeping the trees safe. It is so nice to order from a company that is so earth friendly. The company is wonderful about emailing you a shipment notification with tracking. 

The loganberries are starting to break bud shortly after planting. Thank you so much!

Courtesy Yelp Review

Tanja F. Vista, CA

The 12 apple trees I purchased arrived in excellent shape, large with strong thick root stock. They have been flourishing here in Kansas, a sign of how tuff old time tested varieties can be.

During the buying process I had several questions that were promptly answered in a very educated and professional manner. Trees of Antiquity is my new go too vender for high quality fruit trees!

Courtesy Facebook

T. Yokum

This year (spring 2016) is my second year ordering from Trees of Antiquity. I've ordered from many different nurseries over the years, and I've never gotten better specimens than what I get from Trees of Antiquity. They are my go-to place from now on. Currently in my yard I have 6 fig trees, 5 apple trees, 1 almond tree, 1 pear, 1 persimmon, and 1 pluot from TOA. They were all very healthy on arrival and vigorous when they broke dormancy. They were also generally larger than similarly described trees from elsewhere and shaped more to my liking. Every single one of the plants in my yard would be from TOA if they had carried the particular varieties I was looking for. I highly recommend this seller.

Courtesy Dave's Garden

Pevey Emeryville, CA

I do not have enough positive words to say about this company. I ordered a ton of stuff ($1000 worth) for a new mixed fruit home orchard I wanted to plant this spring in two orders. Neil combined the orders, gave me the appropriate level of bulk discount, remained in constant contact over about 6 months form the time I ordered until delivery, and worked with me to make sure that my trees arrived on a specific date when I would be on vacation at the property where the orchard was being planted. Seriously - Neil is a blessing. And everything was SUPER healthy and is growing like crazy.

Courtesy Dave's Garden

ArteLope New York City, NY

What a wonderful place to buy organic trees! I ordered a Macintosh Apple, they mailed it immediately and I got it the following day! Neil was so responsive and a pleasure to do business with. It's not often I look forward to writing stellar reviews but this place is a gem! I can't recommend it enough. I will be buying all my trees from Trees of Antiquity in the future.

Courtesy Google Review

Emily Gallo

Trees do extremely well when transplanted. The varieties offered have flavor like you remember from the trees at Grandmother's house. Probably because they are the same kind?! Order is always correct. Top quality.

Courtesy Facebook

K. Routh

Cider apples ready for pressing

One of many virtues of growing organically


One of many tradeoffs

An Evening Harvest

Searching for the last of our Santa Rosa Plums.