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Tree Starter Package

To help insure that your tree will get off to a great start, we offer a starter package which contains the following items: These products are prepackaged and are not sold individually


Tree Guard
    The spiral tree guard is designed to protect and prevent damage from voles, mice, rabbits and other small rodents. They also protect the young trees from sunscald and mechanical damage. They are perforated to prevent heat build up. Remove and reinstall annually to prevent girdling. To apply the tree guard, start at the base of trunk and coil it around the tree up to the first scaffold (branch).


    Three Branch Spreaders

      Ideally, each branch should meet the trunk at a 45 to 60 degree angle. Well angled branches are the most fruitful, and they begin bearing earlier. Fortunately, you can train a branch to have the desired angle when they are young and pliable. Simply bend the branch to the proper angle and keep it there with our branch spreader. At the end of the season, check to see if the limb will remain at that angle without the branch spreader. If it will not, leave the branch spreader in position a little while longer.


      One Aluminum Tree Label

        Our trees arrive with slip-on labels, but they are temporary. The tree will quickly out grow our labels and once the labels have dropped off and vanished, so does the recollection of the name of the tree. We strongly recommend keeping a map and an aluminum label to help insure that your unique fruit tree doesn’t become nameless or misidentified.


        A One Pound Bag of Organic Amendments

          Our compost amendment is certified organic (OMRI approved) and ready to provide the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium in plant available form. It is also alive with microbial life, humus, organic matter, humic acids and more. This amendment is potent. Do not over- apply. One pound of this amendment is sufficient for one tree. Do not place this amendment in the planting hole. Apply as a top dressing around the perimeter of the tree.


          A Four Ounce Bottle of liquid fish

            Humates are comprised of humic and fulvic acids. Combined, they are commonly referred as Humic Acids. Humic acids activate the availability of most soil nutrients. It helps to mobilize critical nutrients (calcium, magnesium, potassium) for uptake by trees and plants. This liquid fertilizer has complete solubility so it can be applied through your irrigation system, foliar application(spraying nutrients on leaves)or applied directly to the soil.
            Kits are shipped with the bare root trees during their winter dormancy from January through mid-April depending on USDA zone.

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            Tree Starter Kit
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