Limited Warranty

Our trees are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy. They will leaf out and grow if planted in accordance with our planting instructions. ***If we are notified by July 1st of the same year in which you received the tree*** we will replace any tree that fails to grow by issuing a store credit for the price you paid for the tree minus the shipping cost (customer is responsible for shipping and handling). Beyond July 1st, there are too many variables in nature that we cannot control (extreme weather, rodent damage, disease, soil nutrient deficiencies, individual tree care, etc) that can contribute to demise. We may request the tree be returned to us for inspection or an email with illustrative photos. We reserve the right to not re-issue credit for replacement of already replaced trees. Any tree which proves to be a different variety than that ordered will be replaced. We do require payment for shipping and handling on all replacements. We are not liable for more than what was paid originally for the trees, and reserve the right to make substitution if the variety in question is not available. Sorry no refunds.

**  Please follow planting directions provided with tree shipment and check out our tips at our growers guide link at top of page. This is  required reading for our customers.