2024 Spring Update:



We are still shipping our bareroot fruit trees. Don't wait another year to get that orchard started!

Bareroot planting takes place a few months before typical garden planting and early planting will make a difference between a tree that thrives and a tree that languishes. We are shipping now to all USDA zones.

 ****We are unable to accommodate specific shipping time frame requests or delay shipping this time of year. If you plan to be out of town, we suggest providing a neighbor's shipping address or have a friend accept shipment for you while you are away. 

Need assistance? You can reach us in real time via our live chat function on our home page from 8:00 am-12:00 pm PST. Email at contact@treesofantiquity.com is also a great best way to reach us as we are often in the field as well as text/phone 805-467-9909. Also, please check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions and additional information.