Apple Harvest


   As the sun casts softer hues of gold and amber, stretching our shadows and bathing us in flattering afternoon light, we can't help but feel giddy about the possibilities of the season ahead. Kids are back in school, roads are quieter, and routines have returned, providing a sense of freedom in predictability. The apple trees are bursting with fruit this year and the abundance sparks creativity in the kitchen as we explore new recipes and savor traditional favorites. The harvest season not only provides us with delicious and nutritious fruits, but also offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and celebrate the wonders of growing our own heirloom fruit tree orchard.


Each apple variety, with its unique blend of flavors and distinctive appearance, carries with it the legacy of generations past and demonstrates the incredible versatility of this humble fruit. The characteristic flavor profiles of these heirlooms shine in everything from classic apple pies with golden, flaky crusts and bubbling, cinnamon-spiced filling to decorative fall galettes that adorn holiday dinner tables. They are confident to stand alone in modest apple crisps, where the fruit's natural sweetness is accented by a simple oat topping or a delicate dusting of sugar and spices.




 And let's not forget about applesauce, a comforting staple that can accompany both savory and sweet dishes and forgives experimentation. We love creating batches that we are rarely able to replicate again, using whatever spices inspire us and blending some of our red-fleshed varieties for an impressive scarlet tinge.



There's a unique satisfaction in preserving and sharing your bounty of fruit with family and friends, strengthening bonds and creating memories around your own harvest.  The apple harvest is more than just a gathering of fruit; it's a time-honored tradition that connects us to our roots, celebrates the enduring beauty and taste of these heritage varieties, and acknowledges the wonder of the seasons that bring us together in observance. Enjoy!