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Blueberry Bushes

Blueberries make a lovely landscaping bush, with attractive green foliage and red fall color and are surprisingly long-lived (up to 40-60 years!) They are associated with many health benefits such as better eyesight, lowered risk of certain cancers, healthy urinary tract function, improved memory function, and healthy aging due to their rich antioxidant content. To top it off, they are simply delicious! We offer the northern highbush and the southern highbush blueberries. The northern highbush are the most widely planted blueberries throughout the northern U.S. Southern highbush offer California and the southeast an opportunity to enjoy blueberries like their northern neighbor. The varieties offered are all self-pollinating but the berries will be larger if two varieties are planted together. For success with blueberries, soil is more important than climate. They require a soil that is moist, acidic (pH of 4 to 5), high in humus and heavy mulch to moderate moisture levels. Mature plants will reach 4-6 feet.  Blueberries can be planted as close as 2-1/2 feet apart to form solid hedgerows or spaced up to 6 feet apart and grown as individual specimens. If planted in rows, allow 8-10 feet between the rows.  

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Chandler Blueberry bush
Chandler Blueberry
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Elliot Blueberry bush
Elliot Blueberry
  • $16.95
Jersey Blueberry bush for sale
Jersey Blueberry
  • $16.95
Jubilee Blueberry bush for sale
Jubilee Blueberry
  • $16.95
O'Neal Blueberry bush
O'Neal Blueberry
  • $16.95
Reka Blueberry bush
Reka Blueberry
  • $16.95
Sunshine Blueberry bush
Sunshine Blueberry
  • $16.95