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Jujube Tree: zizyphus jujube

The Jujube trees fruit is commonly referred to as a Chinese Date. They are little pear shaped fruit that are sweet and chewy. Beautiful ornamental tree with gnarled branches and weeping foliage. Grows in diverse climates, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free, will thrive in hot summer locations. Regular pruning is often not necessary. Harvest fruit for fresh eating when mottled with brown. Fruit left on tree will dry completely and shrivel. Dried fruits keep for over a year at cool temperatures. The dried fruit resembles a date. Jujube trees are generally hardy in USDA hardiness zones 6-9. This means they can withstand minimum winter temperatures ranging from -10 to 20°F (-23 to -6°C), depending on the specific variety and growing conditions. Jujube trees are well adapted to hot, dry climates and are known for their heat and drought tolerance. With proper care and protection, they can survive and thrive in a range of soil types and temperatures. It is important to choose a variety that is well suited for your specific growing region, as some varieties may have different hardiness requirements.To learn more read our blog post on benefits of jujube trees. 

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Ga-866 Jujube
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Lang Jujube
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Li Jujube tree for sale
Li Jujube
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Shanxi Jujube tree for sale
Shanxi Jujube
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Sugarcane Jujube
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