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Small (1-year) Fruit Trees

Sometimes we get requests for smaller/younger trees. We have been reluctant in the past to offer stock younger than our typical 2-year, 4-6 foot bareroot trees that we are renowned for but since inventory is moving briskly this year, leaving many of the popular varieties sold out an an early date, we are trying something new. This year we have a limited quantity of young 1-year, 2-3 foot tall fruit trees available for 2023 offered at a reduced price to reflect their smaller size. Most of these varieties are already sold out in their larger 2-year size so if you would rather not wait until 2024 to get your hands on these, this is a great opportunity to get them in the ground this bareroot season.

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2 products found in Small (1-year) Fruit Trees

George IV Peach (1-year)
George IV Peach (1-year)
  • $29.95
English Morello heirloom cherry tree
English Morello Cherry (1-year)
  • $39.95