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Quince Trees: cydonia

A relative of the apple, the quince is one of the earliest known fruits. For over 4,000 years, quince trees have grown in Asia and the Mediterranean. Today, they are also found in Latin America, the Middle East and here in the United States where there is a resurgence of interest in this ancient fruit. Quinces typically aren’t eaten fresh (with the exception of the Aromatnaya Quince), but make wonderful marmalades, are a lively addition to apple sauces and pies, and compliment meat dishes. Because they contain a large amount of natural pectin, they are also ideal for jellies, chutneys and preserves. Quinces are all low chill (300 hours), self-fruitful and tolerate wet soils better than most fruit trees. Click here to learn more about the quince fruit.
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Aromatnaya Quince tree
Aromatnaya Quince
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Smyrna Quince
Smyrna Quince
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Pineapple Quince tree for sale
Pineapple Quince
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Van Deman heirloom quince tree
Van Deman Quince
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