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European & Asian Plum Trees: prunus domestica

Plums show great diversity of color, form, size, taste and use. European plums are the blue plums, including prunes, with firm flesh, that mature late in the summer. Most will freely interpollinize. Japanese plums bloom earlier, mature earlier and are juicier in the flesh. Damsons are small, usually blue, and used principally for jams and jellies. Plums are adaptable to more climates and soils than the other stone fruits.
Bloom Period
Low Chill
Red Fleshed

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French heirloom Plum tree for sale
French Plum
  • $34.95
Santa Rosa heirloom plum trees
Santa Rosa Plum
  • $34.95
Italian plum fellenberg organic heirloom fruit trees
Italian Plum
  • $34.95
Weeping Santa Rosa Plum tree for sale
Weeping Santa Rosa Plum
  • $34.95
Shiro heirloom plum tree
Shiro Plum
  • $34.95
Reine Claude d' Oullins heirloom plum trees
Oullins Plum
  • $34.95
Blue Damson heirloom plum tree
Blue Damson Plum
  • $34.95
Satsuma heirloom plum trees
Satsuma Plum
  • $34.95
Coes Golden Drop heirloom plum tree
Coes Golden Drop
  • $34.95
Stanley heirloom plum trees
Stanley Plum
  • $34.95
Howard Miracle heirloom plum tree
Howard Miracle plum
  • $34.95
Elephant Heart heirloom plum tree
Elephant Heart Plum
  • $34.95
Golden Nectar heirloom plum tree for sale
Golden Nectar Plum
  • $34.95
Golden Transparent heirloom plum tree
Golden Transparent Plum
  • $34.95
Early Laxton heirloom plum tree
Early Laxton Plum
  • $34.95
Jefferson Plum heirloom fruit tree
Jefferson Plum
  • $34.95