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Nectarine Trees: prunus persica 

Nectarines trees have been growing in popularity over the past few years and are an absolutely delicious fruit. Nectarine tree is a cultivar of the peach tree, scientifically known as Prunus persica, that is grown for its sweet, juicy fruit with smooth skin. Nectarines are similar in appearance and taste to peaches, but they have a smooth, rather than fuzzy, skin. Nectarine trees can  around 15 feet tall and wide and have a rounded, spreading habit. They have bright green leaves and produce white or pink flowers in spring, which give way to nectarines in summer. Nectarines come in several colors, including yellow, white, and red, and can vary in size, flavor, and texture. They are a popular fruit for eating fresh, as well as for use in baked goods, jams, and other culinary applications. Nectarine trees are hardy and adaptable and can grow well in many climates., in areas of high rainfall, like the north coast of California, they are subject to bacterial canker and brown rot. All of our Nectarine tree varieties are self-fruitful.

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Arctic Queen Nectarine
Arctic Queen Nectarine
  • $49.95
Fantasia Nectarine tree
Fantasia Nectarine
  • $49.95
Goldmine heirloom nectarine tree for sale
Goldmine Nectarine
  • $49.95
Independence Nectarine tree for sale
Independence Nectarine
  • $49.95
Liz's Late heirloom Nectarine tree
Liz's Late Nectarine
  • $49.95
Panamint heirloom nectarine tree
Panamint Nectarine
  • $49.95
Snow Queen Nectarine trees for sale
Snow Queen Nectarine
  • $49.95