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Medlar: Mespilus germanica

The medlar tree is a true gem in any well-manicured garden. The medlar tree is unique little fruit tree, has a history dating back centuries which exudes a timeless elegance that I simply adore in our orchard. But what truly makes the medlar unique is its fruit. The medlar fruit has an enchanting appearance, resembling a russet apple, which takes on a beautiful, golden hue when fully ripened. However, you see, the medlar isn't like your everyday apple or pear. Nope. The medlar has a little secret.

You can't pluck the medlar and enjoy it straight from the tree. It requires a bit of patience and a touch of culinary magic. The medlar is picked when still quite firm and must undergo a process called "bletting." Bletting is when the fruit is left to ripen off the tree, becoming soft and aromatic. It's a time-honored tradition, and I find the anticipation rather thrilling.

Once the medlar is properly bletted, it transforms into a decadent, jelly-like delicacy with a unique, sweet-tart flavor. It's absolutely divine when paired with a selection of fine cheeses or used in delectable desserts like tarts, membrillo or preserves. The medlar's exquisite taste is a testament to the rewards of patience and an appreciation for the extraordinary in the world of horticulture.

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