(Star Lady) Switzerland 1600's


Originally appeared in France in approximately 1628 and later made its way across the channel to England where it became extremely popular, decorating Victorian tables. A rare apple, small and attractive, brightly flushed red over the yellow skin. Very unusual oblate (flattened) shape looking like a rounded star from the end. A little larger than the Lady apple. Excellent flavor: aromatic with sufficient acid and a sweet fruity taste. Ripens late.

Bloom: Midseason
USDA Zone: 5,6,7,8,9
Pollination: Select another midseason bloom apple variety
Fruit Storage: Good
Mature Size: Small
Ripens: Late
Uses: Fresh eating/ dessert
Rootstock: Semidwarf
Size when shipped: 5/8 inch caliper (width around trunk)
Height prior to shipment: 5 ft.
Shape when shipped : Feathered (prominent side branching) and Whips (no branching)

Certified Organic

Trees are shipped bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through mid-April depending on USDA zone.

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