Hauer Pippin
California 1890's

Tim Bates
Well, my Hauer does start out greenish but developes what I would call an almost purple/blue blush (just like your photo). Definitely white spots. Here in Nor. Cal. so far there is very very little green left. So, having a hard time with your greenish with orange blush description...but then again I disagree constantly with my wife about pink, orange, and blues. Otherwise right on. This year I picked a week or two earlier as many were dropping (not usual) on Nov 8th....

Hudsons Golden Gem
Oregon 1920's

Thomas Conway
A really great apple in my orchard, bears heavily, and is not very attractive to pests like coddling moths and apple maggot. Sweet, crunchy and delicious! Have yet to try it in a pie, but will do so this season. ...

Moorpark Apricot
England 1760

Joel McLafferty
My property is close to Moorpark CA and I naively thought that the apricot was named after the town and therefore would thrive. Now it seems that the town is younger and probably was named after the apricot. In any case, the tree is thriving....

Kerry Irish Pippin
Ireland 1802

Kathleen Jameson
Smaller tree but good fruit production, ripens early in the season

Pennsylvania 1837

Kathleen Jameson
Prolific bearer 2 years after planting. Sweet/tart flavor. Good for eating raw or cooked in pies

Native apple Kyrgyzstan

Brendt Cumming
I'm in zone 9b and planted the tree in early January. It was the first apple tree to break bud in February. The pink flowdrs and red/green leaves were a great contrast to the white and green of the other trees....