Duchess of Oldenburg
Russia 1700

Ken Davis
One of the few apple trees that will fruit in my little cold pocket of Vermont...very enjoyable apple...fragrant and fruity...really wonderful pies...only keeps just past lots of apple pies for the holidays! My trees seem to develop limited numbers of fruiting spurs, not sure if it’s my cold winters (sometimes -40 for a day or 2) or the variety...much older homestead apple trees in my neighborhood do have much more fruit than my duchess trees....

Aromatnaya Quince
Origin of Russia

Terence Welch
At 2 orchards in north-central coast California, this quince has it's strengths and drawbacks. It is precocious, heavy-bearing, reliable bearer. It ripens first of our cultivars, which is great for farmer's market. It blooms last, which leads to it's drawback: it blooms during warm weather, and gets fireblight. Fireblight should be less of a problem withIn sight of the Pacific Ocean, or farther north where fireblight is not a big problem, since fireblight spreads like wildfire when it's hot during bloom....

Seal Beach CA 1949

lawrence groves
So 2 years in we got our first apple stripped red and yellow tart and just ok. tree is young and is looking happy here in Temecula California (300) chilling hours. spreading habit and easy to espalier. I think it need a couple of more years to reach full potential...

Minnesota 1991

Susan Kritzik
Our favorite apple for eating fresh. Bears early, even precociously, so thin the fruit aggressively on young branches! Here in the Bay Area (Zone 9) it ripens in late August. The fruit makes great applesauce, though it is a bit tart. Susceptible to coddling moth damage (I don't spray). It may develop a more complex flavor in other climates, but we love it....

Granny Smith
Australia 1868

Susan Kritzik
Bears well and little insect damage (I don't spray). Fruit ripens late and holds on the tree very well, even in the Bay Area of California. I often pick them for pie on Thanksgiving day! A wonderful apple in sauce, pies, and fresh if you like tart apples. Extends the season nicely. ...

Japan 1962

Susan Kritzik
Extremely prolific bearer. Fruit is sweet and crunchy, but lacks the acidity and complexity of some apples like Honeycrisp. Good in applesauce with tart Pippins to sweeten them. Very little insect damage from coddling moths.
Grown in the Bay Area of N. California....