White Persian Mulberry


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The White Persian Mulberry produces large, soft, berries with intense sweetness and acidity. The fruit  appears similar to a large blackberry.  The fruit clusters of Persian mulberries often bends the limbs low to the ground for easy harvest. We  harvest by shaking the trees and collecting the mulberries on sheets beneath the tree. Dense shade for cooling during hot summers.  A naturally smaller tree, Persian Mulberry, will grow to about 12-15 feet if not pruned. Can also be trained as a bush.

Growing Considerations for Persian Mulberry



USDA Zone: 7,8,9,10

Pollination: Self-Fertile variety

Fruit Storage: Fair

Mature Size: 12-15 ft.

Recommended Spacing: 8-12 ft.

Ripens: Early

Uses: Fresh eating, dessert, jams, drying

Rootstock: own

Water Requirement: 8-15 gallons per week May through Sept.

Years to bear: 1-3 years

Shape when shipped: whip(no branching)

*Size supplied when shipped: 5/8  inch caliper (width around trunk) 6-8 ft. in field (trimmed to 4 to 5 ft. when shipped)

*As noted by University of California Scientists and other qualified professionals the most successful trees often have caliper from 1/2" to 5/8" and usually establish faster than smaller and larger planting stock.


Note on Shipping:

Our mulberry trees are delivered to you bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through May depending on USDA zone. Trees are shipped with your invoice and helpful planting directions. There is no minimum quantity required but shipping rate for an individual tree is expensive so you'll find it's cost effective to consider a handful of trees,vines or our helpful Tree Starter Kits.




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