Frequent Questions


When should I expect my trees to arrive?

Trees are shipped bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through May depending on USDA zone.


When should I order my trees or plants?

To ensure availability of your choice of trees or plants, we recommend placing your order as early as possible. We begin taking orders the July prior to the shipping season. Shipping season is between January and May. For instance, place your order in July 2018 and trees will arrive early 2019.


What size are the trees?

Our  trees height range from 4-8 ft. in the field and trimmed to 4 to 5 ft. when shipped. Our young, two year trees, are most often feathered (side limbs). Our trees trunk diameter (caliper) is often 1/2 to 3/4 inches.*;   *As noted by University of California Scientists and other qualified professionals the most successful trees often have caliper from 1/2" to 5/8" and usually establish faster than smaller and larger planting stock.

What forms of payment to do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, personal checks, and money orders.

Experiencing a problem with getting your new password? Your new password isn’t working?
  1. If you do not receive an email from us after requesting a new password within a few minutes, check for it in your junk mail.
  2. If the new password isn't working, try copying it from the email and pasting it into the log-in page. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between certain numbers and letters used in passwords.
  3. It’s possible that you had entered an incorrect email when you first registered. Just Contact Us with the name and email you used when registering and we'll check it for you!

I placed an online order, how do I confirm my order?

Upon placing an order online, a 50% deposit will be charged to the credit card supplied online. A sales order in the form of a pdf attachment will be sent to your email supplied at the time of your order. Please take a moment to look at the sales order to ensure that your order is correct and your estimated ship date. If there are any problems, contact us.


The credit card used for my deposit expired, what do I do?

Log into your Trees of Antiquity account and you can update your credit card information. You can always call us, too.


What is the best way to make changes to my current order?

It is best to use your Trees of Antiquity account to make additions to your order.  You can place a new order online, and this will be combined with any existing orders to save on shipping. To make changes to an order, please email us with the desired edits and we will make the change manually.  You can also call us and leave a voicemail message. However you make the change, an updated sales order will be sent out and we recommend that you take a close look to be sure that the changes are correct.


How can I refer to my order?

If you have any order inquiries or need to email us about a change to your order, it is helpful to refer to your customer ID number, your full name and contact number.


What is the minimum quantity required?

There is no minimum quantity required but the shipping rates for an individual tree is expensive since UPS/Fed Ex charges a dimensional weight and an additional handling fee to ship a tree. You will find that it is cost effective to consider a handful of trees, vines, or our helpful Tree Starter Kits.


Why do you want my email account?

We will only use your email address for important matters. Junk mail will not be sent. All orders are confirmed via email with a sales order attached as a pdf attachment. Also, a UPS tracking number will be sent to you once your trees are shipped.


Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, we do.

Orders over $250........................10%
Orders over $500........................15%

Orders over $1000......................20%

Orders over $2,000.....................20% plus free shipping

Orders over $5,000.....................40% plus free shipping


Additionally please check our bundled trees for even greater cost savings Trees of Antiquity has to offer.  This would be in addition to cost breaks listed above. 


Do you have carry any trees grown on dwarf rootstock?

No. Trees of Antiquity primarily carries semidwarf trees that when mature will grow from 8-12 feet tall and wide and may bear fruit sooner than standard fruit trees.


What does bareroot mean?

Bareroot is an arboriculture technique that removes trees in its dormant state which usually occurs during the fall or winter. This technique makes storage easy and bareroot trees are shipped by keeping roots moist in paper shavings.


What should I do if my trees arrived before I am ready to plant?

Trees may be kept in a cool dark place out of the box with the roots in the bag for a week. Check that the roots are moist. If the soil is too sloppy or frozen, “heel” in the plants (cover the roots) with moist soil or sand in a shady place to protect the roots from freezing. It is particularly important to keep fig, persimmons and pomegranate roots moist, but not soggy! If the roots seem dry, soak them for a few hours before healing them in. Trees must be planted before they leaf out.


What size hole do I need to dig?

Dig a hole slightly larger than the root system of the tree. For maximum growth, do not prune the roots. Plant the trees so that the graft line sits 2" or 3" above the soil surface. It is best to plant on a slight mound in high rainfall areas. This will prevent water standing around the trunk which can lead to collar or root rot.


How do I plant my trees?

Refer to the planting advice link for planting advice. 


My tree died, what should I do?

If your received your tree and it did not survive, contact us immediately. If you contact us before July 1st, we will offer you a replacement. Please read about our limited warranty for further details.


Does Trees of Antiquity offer gift certificates?

We will send the Gift certificate via US mail the next business day. Please include the name and mailing address of the recipient, and any special message to be included on the certificate. Gift Certificate link. 


How do I redeem my Trees of Antiquity gift certificate?

Trees of Antiquity Gift Certificates may be used to purchase any item we offer. During your checkout process, please include the certificate number (listed at the bottom of the certificate) in the "comments" box. You will not see the certificate amount deducted automatically from your order total; it will be deducted manually when we enter the order into our system. If your Gift Certificate value is greater than or equal to your order total, select the “Check/Money Order” payment option. If your Gift Certificate value is less than your order total, select the payment option that you will be using to cover the difference between the Gift Certificate value and your order total.