Heirloom Fruit Journal

Terroir of Fruit
Terroir:  What makes my fruit so flavorful? Why does my apple tree grown here in California produce apples that taste so much different than when I tasted them as  a child in New England? The answers may not be as simple as you would like. There are many factors that make your fruit flavorful and distinct. Researching the unique...
When to Harvest Apples?
When to Harvest Your Apples Supermarket apples are often picked when not fully tree ripened. The reason is mainly to do with picking while the flesh is very firm to prevent bruising and other cosmetic damage that would eliminate it from displaying on the grocery store shelf. The home gardener and small farmers can afford to let the apples remain...
Digging into Clay Soil
Clay Soils What to consider when planting trees in slow draining clay soils. Poor drainage often leads to higher soil pH's. If you have compaction and poor drainage, salts and other materials may accumulate, rather than leach out through your soil over time. Also, when you have less drainage, you have less bacterial activity and less root...
Time to Start Thinning Fruit
  Why we need to thin fruit      While it is warming up, it is a thrill to see your trees starting to display the fruits of your labor. So why why would voluntarily remove this wonderful fruit we so desire? Thinning achieves a desired fruit size, enhances flavor and complexity of the fruit, great bloom for the following...
Cider Revival
Hard cider makes a great holiday gift!  The resurgence of cider is worth a celebration! Cider or cider-like beverages and cider making traditions have a long history around the globe. Many people may not know that cider has been around since before 55 B.C. When the Romans invaded England, they reported to have found the locals already...
When to Harvest
        Determining when to harvest fruit from your trees, you must take careful consideration of timing. Harvesting fruit at just the right time is key, not only to obtaining the highest quality fruit but also to maximize the storage life. Ripening periods of all fruit varies from year to year depending on climatic factors...
A Few Pictures This Fall
Our Daily Mantra..... Cleaning up for cider............ Our favorite late fall snack...... We love our pears..........  
A Glance at Folks Who Planted Our Trees
Windrose Farm Windrose is a small family farm located east of Paso Robles, near Creston, in San Luis Obispo County. Tucked in a unique valley of 50 acres, 12 are in vegetable rotations, 6 are in apples and stone fruit and 5 are sheep pasture. The rest is habitat – full of animal, bird and insect life who usually help them....
What Qualifies as Heirloom?
Heirloom Fruit Trees  Exactly what an heirloom plant is can mean different things to different people. We consider heirloom  fruit trees as varieties that have developed a historical or cultural significance which have been passed from generation-to-generation and often has a local or even familial significance.  There is no hard...
We're Busy in the Field!
Budding our Trees This is the time of the season when we are grafting our trees. Our primary grafting technique is referred to as budding, specifically chip budding. Budding is a type of grafting. Budding is our primary method used to make new fruit trees that resemble their “parents.” Most all fruit trees do not breed anywhere near...
Conditioning Your Trees for Winter Begins in the Summer
Preparing Fruit Trees for Winter for Zones 3-7 The beautiful weather in middle fall may not allow the trees to go into dormancy on a regular schedule. If an abrupt plummet of sub-zero temperatures occur fruit trees can incur damage due to the moisture in their branches freezing. As long as we don’t have a sudden freezing event, and the...