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Kiwi Vines



Fuzzy Kiwi Fruit - Actinidia deliciosa

Large, frost sensitive, vine hardy to 10 degrees Farenheit, although young leaves and shoots of all species can be damaged at temperatures below 31 degrees Farenheit. Overhead frost protection will protect vines from late spring frosts. This very vigorous vine requires a sturdy trellis (minimum 4x4 posts). Fruit is fuzzy brown on the outside, lime green inside with tiny black seeds. A female and a male vine are needed. Hot or cool climates. Excellent keeper in refrigeration.


Hardy Kiwi - Actinidia arguta

Hardy to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Vine is vigorous, leaves are smaller than the fuzzy Kiwi. Fruit is smooth, thin skinned (can be eaten like a grape), and lime green inside. Both kiwis are pest-free, long-lived and fruit keeps very well. Both fuzzy and hardy kiwis need well drained soil to survive.