RAMSDELL SWEET Connecticut 1845


First described in 1845 under the name Ramsdell Sweeting, but 1862 it was officially cataloged as Ramsdell Sweet. A very sweet apple of good size. High quality flesh is tinged with yellow and is fine, firm, tender, juicy and of course, sweet. This is a great dessert apple. Smooth yellow skin overspread with an attractive crimson red. Early bearing and fairly vigorous.

Bloom: Midseason
USDA Zone: 4,5,6,7,8,9
Pollination: Select another midseason bloom apple variety
Fruit Storage: Good
Mature Size: Medium
Ripens: Late
Uses: Fresh eating/ dessert, baking, juice/hard cider
Rootstock: Semidwarf
Size when shipped: 5/8 inch caliper (width around trunk)
Height prior to shipment: 5 ft.
Shape when shipped: Whips (no branching)

Certified Organic

Trees are shipped bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through mid-April depending on USDA zone.

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