PINK PEARL California 1944


The Pink Pearl is a very unique apple with distinctive pink flesh beneath translucent, pearly yellow skin, which sometimes also bears a light pink blush. It was introduced in 1944 by the renowned California plant breeder Albert Etter. Not simply just a novelty, but a great tasting apple with firm flesh. Tart to sweet-tart, depending on time of harvest. Pink Pearl apples are wonderful for baking, especially in open-topped tarts or in sauces where their pink color can really shine. They are also a good choice for eating fresh, whether alone of as part of a salad. Pink Pearls are harvested in August and don't last long in storage, so you'll need to be quick to enjoy this special summer apple. Blooms very attractive. One of our most popular varieties.

Bloom: Early
USDA Zone: 6,7,8,9,10
Pollination: Select another early season bloom apple variety such as Jonathan and/or Red Astrachan
Fruit Storage: Good
Mature Size: Medium
Ripens: Early
Uses: Fresh eating/ dessert, cooking (puree, applesauce, apple butter), baking
Rootstock: Semidwarf
Size when shipped: 5/8 to 1 inch caliper (width around trunk)
Height prior to shipment: 5 to 7 ft.
Shape when shipped: Feathered (prominent side branching)

Certified Organic

Trees are shipped bareroot during their winter dormancy from January through mid-April depending on USDA zone.

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